Hand made Indian Rugs

Hand Made Indian Rugs

Kashan have their own manufacturing facilities in India. These have been developed over the last 20 years, so we can now produce a huge variety of qualities under the one roof. The ranges include a large selection of hand tufted rugs in contemporary designs and colours. These would be updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest trends in modern interiors. Kashan have also developed a vast range of hand knotted rugs. These are mostly in classic traditional designs and are made to last. There is a huge selection of sizes available from a small 3’x2’ rug up to an 18’x12’ and also available in a selection of circles and runners. It is possible to have your own rug and carpet designs made up through our bespoke service. Change the colours, have an unusual size, or even design your own rug. Any of these are possible at Kashan.

Sheva Rugs

The Sheva collection of rugs are hand knotted in India using a 50/50 blend of New Zealand and Indian wool. These rugs contain 210,000 knots per square meter, making them extremely durable and hard wearing for areas of high traffic. At Kashan we stock a huge range of sizes from 3’x2′ up to 15’x10′. The Sheva collection is also available in runners from 8′ up to 20′ long along with 4′ and 6′ circles. Should you require a custom size, this can be made to order.

  • Agra-TH-BN12-Y4
  • Herati-Red-Circle
  • Herati-Rose-Circle
  • Herati-Lt-Green
  • Herati-Red
  • Herati-Lt-Green-Circle
  • Agra-TH-BN12
  • Agra-TH-CM7
  • Agra-TH-Cream-BN12-Circle
  • Herati-Navy
  • Yezd-Lt-Green-Circle
  • Yezd-Dk-Green-Circle
  • Marand-Cream
  • k05-035
  • Maharani
  • Yezd-Dk-Green
  • Marand-Rust
  • Herati-Rust
  • S-3-Lt-Green
  • Yezd-Navy-Circle
  • Yezd-Red
  • Yezd-Navy
  • Yezd-Rust-Circle
  • Yezd-Md-Blue
  • Yezd-Md-Blue-Circle
  • Yezd-Rust-Cream


The Vishnu collection of rugs are hand knotted in India using 100% New Zealand wool. The designs are inspired by traditional Persian rug designs. With the fine weave, containing 295,000 knots to the square metre, we can achieve very intricate designs and the semi worsted New Zealand yarn gives an almost silky quality to the luxurious pile. Kashan stock these designs in a range of sizes from 6’x4′ up to 12’x9′, including runners up to 15′ long and 5′ circles. In addition should you require a non standard size, we can have this made to your own requirements.

  • Isphahan-Cream-Wine
  • Sarouq-Cream-Navy-Circle
  • Ardebil-Red
  • Isphahan-Wine
  • Kashan-Cream
  • Sarouk-Cream-Red
  • Sarouq-Cream-Navy
  • Sarouk-Red-Black
  • Sarouq-Red-Circle